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Crystal Catalyst® Bead

Gemstone Energy Pendants

by Biomagnetic Research, Inc.®

Designed to increase

your life energy field.

Biomagnetic Research gemstone pendants are composed of traditional stones which have been used to enhance the function of the chakras for the past 6,000 years. The Crystal Catalyst® Beads are added to greatly enhance and multiply the action on the etheric body of these stone combinations. Crystal Catalyst® pendants will not generally absorb and store negativity because it is cancelled out by the Crystal Catalyst® Beads which activate them.

The Crystal Catalyst® Bead is a specially-fired Space Age Ceramic that powers the combination. It acts as a dielectric superconductor strengthening beneficial earth energy. Its special firing makes it great for energy-sensitive people as well. Cleans and neutralizes harmful and negative energies in the environment. Protects user from electro-magnetic fields: computers, tvs, telephones, fluorescent lights...