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Electromagnetic Field Protection

We are all continually being exposed to harmful electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress, and wireless radiations. This invisible sea of EMF pollution is hazardous to health! EMFs contribute to immune suppression as well as polarity imbalance, which studies have linked to many illnesses. What can we do to protect ourselves? Crystal Catalyst® Resonators are the smart solution to EMF Pollution. Over time, the beneficial resonance that Crystal Catalyst® devices project can help restore the body's natural balance. Biomagnetic Research's resonators are both EMF protective and Life Energy enhancing.

How does Crystal Catalyst® work?

Crystal Catalyst® Technology is pure science. Similar to the science behind the way a computer chip stores information in a layer and you can retrieve it, and how solar panels convert the sun's rays into electricity, Crystal Catalyst® uses the same advanced ceramic silicone based technology to transform hazardous electromagnetic radiations and pulse them out as beneficial frequencies.

History of Crystal Catalyst®

In 1969, the land uphill from the McKusick family's home in rural Arizona was used as a testing ground for the spraying of Agent Orange, causing great amounts of contamination, cancer, birth defects and deaths. Their animals died and many of their neighbors were dying. McKusick's family and neighbors sued the U.S. Government and eventually stopped the spraying both in Gila County and in South Vietnam. Robert McKusick continued his efforts until the Government replaced polluted wells with public water. The McKusicks' immune systems were shot and they got very sick. His wife, Charmion, developed cancer after the spraying. It was very crucial to strengthen their immune systems just to try to stay alive. In an attempt to save his life, and the life of his family, Robert McKusick experimented with the use of gemstones and crystals to enhance Life Energy. He was successful, they are still alive! A Master Dowser and Ceramic Engineer, Robert began studying advanced ceramics and started Biomagnetic Research, Inc. The McKusicks are the "Originators and Developers of Advanced Ceramics for Clearing Electronic Pollution and for Life Energy Enhancement."

Crysta​l Catalyst® is a proprietary formula created by Robert McKusick and manufactured by his small family-run company "Biomagnetic Research, Inc." Crystal Catalyst® is made by firing silicone and rare earths together in a special energy field based on the fields used in Ancient Egypt to fire scarabs. "Egyptian Faience" is a silicon (quartz/sand) based ceramic glaze that was produced in Ancient Egypt. After firing the amalgam of quartz and rare earths in this special energy field, Robert McKusick then puts it through a unique 5-step process that involves magnetic directions and lunar phases which astronomically multiplies the beneficial clearing properties. Amazing!


Biomagnetic Research, Inc.

Products for Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

This Arizona-based company manufactures unique, affordable products that neutralize detrimental electromagnetic radiation bombarding us from appliances and other electrical products in this technological age. These products were developed by Biomagnetic Research, Inc. in 1987, in response to the founders' personal health needs, which included environmental and occupational pollutions. The developers have professional backgrounds in earth sciences, mathematics and archaeology as well as a knowledge of subtle energy.

The human body is about 70% water containing salt. It conducts electricity, and is an electrical system. The body's functions and responses are controlled by weak electromagnetic pulses from the brain. These regulate the body's well-being and its ability to heal itself. The brain's responses are affected by electromagnetic radiation in the environment which surround it. This radiation is unprecedented in our electronic age. Daily, often many times a day, we are exposed to detrimental radiation from electromagnetic fields and naturally occurring geopathic zones. Numerous studies, in Germany, England, Japan and Sweden, have linked diseases like leukemia and cancer to this harmful radiation. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) released a report linking electromagnetic fields to leukemia and brain cancer in children.

Biomagnetic Research, Inc. has created a unique ceramic based material which alters the resonance of most harmful environmental radiation that accompany normal electromagnetic fields. From this they have developed affordable tools, chiefly their Crystal Catalyst dielectric resonators, to help neutralize the effects of these energies upon yourself and your surroundings. Crystal Catalyst dielectric resonators are fired in a special energy field, resulting in a honeycomb structure. This field realigns molecules so that they absorb the energies that strike them, and pulses them out in a beneficial form. Dielectric resonators are not electrical conductors, but are the strongest known collectors of electromagnetic energies.

Most super-conductors are made from ceramic materials with rare earths added. These products incorporate ancient techniques of Sumerian and Egyptian faience jewelry with 20th century fiber optics - the field that enables telephones to transmit signals across the Pacific Ocean. These products are felt by your body's subtle energy systems.

The human central nervous system operates on only thousandths of a volt, yet controls all organs and bodily functions. Nerve cells, or neurons, contain tiny bar magnets. Blood is an electrolyte and removes toxins by polarity. Blood leaves the lungs with a negative charge, and conducts them to the body's filters. The strong and multi-directional electromagnetic fields emitted by various appliances disrupt normal cell polarity and blood functions. This can result in serious afflictions.

Crystal Catalyst products are made of a unique Space Age ceramic. They alter the nature of most harmful energies before they strike the body, thus removing environmental stress. They act as catalysts to clear and restore healthy balanced energy to their environs. They are simple in their application, affordable, and effective. They do not clog up, wear out, or require recharging.



Testing and Research

Biomagnetic Research's products have been tested in a number of ways over a period of 12 years. These tests are replicable and valid.

In 1990, Crystal Catalyst products were tested in Canada by a leading international testing laboratory for clean energy. Their testing confirmed the company's statements that their products are not electrical, magnetic, or radioactive, but function on an entirely different basis. This energy cannot disrupt the function of computers, or erase tape recordings. It simply reduces the stress associated with electronic energy fields.

Because electronic fields affect biological functions, many of their tests have been aimed at measuring those effects before and after using the products. For instance, the tests have used human subjects because it is humans who use the products.

The electro-magnetic spectrum is often confused by writers and the public as simply meaning, magnetism. This is oversimplification. The spectrum includes visible light (less than 2% of the spectrum), as well as x-rays, and thousands of other frequencies which all vibrate the cells of the human body and assist or interfere with cell function and reproduction. Of course, if you run visible light through a prism you see some of the color vibrations it includes.

Studies on blind school children have shown that painting a classroom in reds increased students' blood pressure an average of 10 points, while blues reduced blood pressure an average of 10 points. Color vibrations affect even those who cannot see them. All wave lengths produce sound and color. People don't see or hear most of them, but it is impossible to introduce a tone that does not affect the resonance of other already existing tones and the cells of the body, even if we don't hear or see them.

Biomagnetic Research products introduce a resonance which helps create a stress-free harmony that is beneficial to humans. An example of frequencies that we do not hear, and which are neither electrical nor magnetic, is the special whistle used to drive rodents or pigeons from buildings, or a high pitched dog whistle.


1. Crystal Catalyst Beads and products were tested in private tests at the University of Vienna, renowned for its research on the biological effects of harmful environmental energies. They found the results exciting.

2. Muscle testing by doctors and other practitioners at Regis College in Denver, Colorado, and the University of California at Santa Cruz, California. These tests measured the strength of subjects before exposure to electro-magnetic, gamma radiation, etc. from T.V.s and video displays. Subjects were then measured using various E.M.R. shielding devices, including Crystal Catalyst Beads and Tabs. People were considerably stronger, using Crystal Catalyst in the presence of E.M.R., than they were even before exposure.

3. Use Test: Persons having low immunity to colds, flu, etc. were given a free Bead to wear. Over a period of four years, wearers reported increased strength, felt better, and escaped many seasonal illnesses that affected their mate and their fellow workers. Subjects wearing a Catalyst Bead and using a Tab or Resonator on their monitor when using a computer, report they don't have a drained feeling that accompanies prolonged exposure to computer radiation.

4. Tests by Photography: A Catalyst Bead and a Tab were photographed on film, and showed considerable light release when placed on unexposed film. A Tab attached to the rear of camera cases on different cameras used by different photographers, generally produced photographs with better register, than the same photo taken without a Tab or a Bead on the camera back. A Bead or a Tab was placed on the lid of both a black & white, and a color photo copier in repeated tests. Copies were clearer, and colors enhanced. Crystal Catalyst products have been photographed in Black & White copiers by themselves, and in the presence of crystals, gemstones, wool, silk, fiberglass, etc. The Beads and Tabs show a definite energy field surrounding them and extending across the page. Other materials have not shown a change, but in contact with the catalyst, they register a heavy and large energy field.

5. Taste Test: A Crystal Catalyst Bead or Resonator placed underneath of a cup of unsweetened grapefruit juice, strong coffee, wine, or other acid beverage, will change the flavor to more mild within two minutes. The pH changes, and the beverage becomes less acidic.

6. Animal Tests: Beads have been placed on the nylon webbing collar of a number of seriously arthritic goats, dogs of mixed breeds and sizes, and other animals. One terminal dog with renal failure underwent immediate recovery. All animals showed marked improvement and stamina. Since animals do not know what we did, there should be no placebo effect.

7. Electro-Encephalograph Subjects registered stress and reduced brain wave activity when exposed to Electro-magnetic radiation, indicating decreased mental capacity. Wearing a Catalyst Bead and using an electronic Smog Buster on the radiation source in double blind tests, they produced stress-free increased whole brain wave activity on all levels, this indicates improved user productivity.

8. Kirlian Photography Tests: Photos were taken by Lawrence Kennedy, Ph.D., showing the aura (energy field surrounding the body) of a number of subjects before and after contact with Crystal Catalyst. These tests were repeated at three other independent laboratories. In every case, the aura of the tested subject was larger, brighter, and displayed a large increase in blues and greens after contact with Crystal Catalyst. These colors are normally associated with the aura when the brain waves indicate the body has started to heal itself. Dr. Kennedy took energy pictures of subjects during exposure to electro-magnetic radiation fields from a video display monitor. The subject's energy field was reduced in the radiation field, but showed a distinct increase when a Catalyst Bead was worn, and a Resonator placed on the monitor.

9. Noxious Zone Tests: Subjects working or sleeping over harmful ground radiation zones report improved working conditions and a better night's rest when clearing such zones with Crystal Catalyst Resonators. Fractious goats, horses, and cows became calm in a number of instances when a Catalyst Bead was attached to their nylon or leather collar, and a Resonator correctly placed in their stall. Dairy cows under stress from power line stray voltage showed general improvement, with increased milk production and increased butterfat in their milk. Biomagnetic Research has performed a number of other tests which demonstrate the presence of a beneficial energy release from Crystal Catalyst products.

Crystal Catalyst is a space age ceramic. Its structure and function are similar to the Reich Orgone Accumulator which employs a porous material like Celotex wall board against a steel plate. The porous material absorbs environmental energy, then flows into the metal which first absorbs, and then pulses the energy in a directional manner as beneficial energy.

Nichola Tesla, the father of alternating current, also employed this collecting principle in his free energy solid state receiver patented in 1901. Since his free energy receiver had no moving parts to wear out, and did not require fossil fuels, it was non-polluting. Though never allowed on the market, the patent is still on record.

In 1990, the Russian Academy of Science announced the development of a non-polluting electrical generating process employing what they state is a ceramic resonator acting as a catalyst. It changes natural gas directly into electrical energy.

Biomagnetic Research uses the principles of Space Age materials and rare earths exposed to special energy fields. Their process creates unique molecular structures understood by those working with nuclear magnetic resonance, or familiar with Quantum Physics.

In the first 12 years, Crystal Catalyst Electronic Smog Busters have been used in 20 countries with over 500,000 users. These include workers in an I.B.M plant, a large Sears complex, and the United Nations building. Since much of Biomagnetic Research's advertising is by word of mouth, it is clear that the effectiveness of these products is becoming widely recognized.

The above report was taken verbatim from Biomagnetic Research literature.

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