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Places to Check for Harmful Radiations

Suggested Order of Importance

  • Electrical Service Entry Box (Circuit Breaker Box)

  • Gas or Electric Hot Water Heater

  • Ground radiations (below floor rising) where you sleep, work

  • Above ground radiations, transformers, power sub-stations, cell phone and broadcast towers, microwave, military and airport radar, etc.

  • Overhead radiations from wiring, fluorescent lights, floor or sky above

  • Move all electrical outlets or appliances at least four feet from your bed or “clear” them. A refrigerator on the other side of the wall may go on while you sleep.

  • Clear all electronic appliances within four feet of where you work.

Electrical Energy Service

Power lines serve as a long antenna for radio waves, static, computer communications, even telephones for those who plug their phones into outlets. They also carry too much of the wrong polarity. This causes things to grow, like cancer and infections. Notice how trees grow into power lines. Most plants prefer South Polar magnetic fields. When you clear incoming power, you still need to clear individual appliances.

Water Heaters

All water heaters emit both a vertical vortex of energy and a horizontal ray. If the water heater is in the basement below your bed, or the ray passes through a work or sleep area, it is likely that you will have health problems.

Many homes do not have an adequate eight-foot long ground rod, and the upper levels of the soil are too dry to ground well. Washers, dryers, food disposals and neighboring houses also ground to water lines. Clear your water heater by placing a clearing device near or aimed at the cold water entry pipe. This will also clean the electrical fields carried by the pipes through walls, floors and possibly ceilings.

Geopathogenic Zones

Geo means ground. Pathogenic means harmful. These zones are rarely simple anymore because the ground has become highly electrified. Half of each electrical circuit flows through the ground so underground water is now charged with all the stuff carried by power lines.

Research has shown that office equipment or even cars parked over such zones may develop electrical or mechanical malfunctions. Quite often computers and copiers continually need service when placed over such zones.

Persons working or sleeping over such zones have been shown to have changes in blood sedimentation (University of Vienna) in as little as ten minutes exposure time. People also develop hypertension, cancer, arthritis and irritability. Exposure to these zones can result in lower productivity, higher employee turnover and greatly increased divorce rates. After all, just like electronic appliances, people are totally electric. The central nervous system operates on very low voltage, yet controls all bodily organs and functions.

Above Ground Radiations

Above ground radiations are very common and can appear at any time due to the addition of a new appliance in a neighboring apartment, a new powerline transformer nearby, a new microwave dish added on the mountain or at a business, TV and radio broadcasting towers, and certainly cell phone communication towers. Australian studies have shown that cell phone relay towers can emit ten times a safe level of X-ray when they malfunction. The radiation levels can be heavier at a distance. Check for such radiations entering a building through the walls. The problems are easy to correct but no amount of radiation of this type is desirable. It is a good practice to recheck every so often. New radiations have a way of being added, sometimes coming as a bounce when a new roof or metal object is added to the neighborhood.

Overhead Radiations

Overhead wiring, fluorescent lights set too close, radiations from upper floor appliances. The U.N. Building in New York is a prime example: hundreds of computers on floors above and below, wiring every where, surveillance from within and without, microwave dishes, etc. But, many offices and even homes have these problems, too.

Fluorescent lights in milk counters have been shown to destroy 30% of the Vitamin A in the milk in just 24 hours. Vitamin A strengthens the immune system. If left uncleared, what are these lights doing to those working under them for extended periods of time? The lights are also high frequency.

Clear All Appliances Within 3 Feet of Where You Work or Sleep

A circuit breaker (fused) outlet can produce 200 times the magnetic field of your own body within three feet distance. All outlets do radiate. If you have an outlet by the head of your bed, or an electric clock, etc., clear them or move them at least four feet away. At the very least, these affect your sleep/rest/heal cycles.

Check All Appliances You Spend a Lot of Time Near

No single solution will clear your whole building. Besides, some energies are quite beneficial. Clear the ones that are harmful. Find the good ones and spend time there, too. In nature there is always balance.

Finally, clear yourself.

Article courtesy of Biomagnetic Research


What do I use?

Where do I put it?

Everything that plugs into an outlet or runs on a battery emits electromagnetic frequencies. Not only are EMF's linked to various diseases, but they are also responsible for chronic fatigue, spaciness, irritability and headaches. Many people suffer from low energy and never think that the cause is their computer or their electric alarm clock! For your well-being, it is important to clear the major EMF emitting culprits in your environment. For the average modern household/office, that means clearing:

Basic Wiring

Most homes & businesses have electrical service boxes with circuit breakers or fuses & hot water heaters. These two items are the most important to neutralize.

  • Electrical Box: Place a Tri-Pak with the long edge directed toward the incoming power so that the arrow on the label points toward the incoming wire from the power line.

  • Hot Water Heater: Place a 3-Hole Resonator as near to the center of the top of the hot water heater as possible with the white dot to the north for greatest strength.

Wired Appliances

  • Telephones: Place an Electronic Smog Buster Tab on the back of the receiver.

  • Computer Systems that plug in & do not have a wireless router: Place a 3-Hole resonator on the case containing the CPU (box containing drives) between the unit & the operator. Place a 3-Hole resonator on center top, center side, or center bottom of the monitor case about 1.5 inches from the front. If the operator spends many hours in front of the computer, they should also wear a Crystal Catalyst Bead or Protective Pendant over their chest to help prevent headaches, fatigue and eyestrain.

  • Fluorescent Lights in Homes: Place a 3-Hole resonator on the ballast of the fixture.

  • Fluorescent Light Banks in Offices: Place a Tri-Pak on the end fixture with the long edge toward the bank of fluorescent lights so that the arrow on the label points down the line of fixtures.

  • Power Breaker Bars: Place a 3-Hole resonator on the surface of the bar next to the reset switch.

  • Refrigerators: Place a 3-Hole Resonator on back where the cord enters the fridge. Make sure to neutralize the fridge if it is against a wall with a bedroom on the other side.

  • Power Lines: Power lines serve as long antenna for radio waves, static, computer communications, and telephones. Power lines carry too much of the wrong polarity. This causes things to grow, like cancer and infections. Place a Tri-Pak on the windowsill with the long edge pointing out towards the power lines.

Wireless & Microwave Devices

  • Cell Phones: Place a Cell Phone Tab on the antenna end of the cell phone, or behind the receiver if possible. For individuals very sensitive to EMFs, place a Star 3-Hole over the battery of the phone. Even if using a hollow headset, the cell phone is still emitting radiation that is being absorbed by your body and organs. Always neutralize your phone.

  • Bluetooth Technology: Place a Cell Phone Tab on all PDA.s, portable computers, etc. Avoid wearing a mini-phone on your ear if at all possible. If you must, tab it.

  • Microwave Ovens: Place a Star 3-Hole resonator on the top or bottom center.

  • Wireless Home Security Units: Place a Star 3-Hole on top center of unit.

  • Wireless Electronic Router: Place a Star 3-Hole on top center, avoiding vents. For wireless internet coming into your home for which you don't have access to the router, place a Star Tri-Pak on a windowsill with the long edge pointing out.

  • In House Mini-Dish Entertainment Box: Place a Star 3-Hole on top center.

  • Air Purifiers with Radio Waves: Place a Star 3-Hole on top center.

  • Cell Phone Towers: Place a Star Tri-Pak on the windowsills with the long edge pointing out.

  • Satellite TV Dish: Place a Star Tri-Pak on a windowsill with the long edge pointing out towards the satellite.

  • Wireless Baby Intercoms: Place a Star 3-Hole on the base.

Battery Powered Devices

  • Cars: Cars are high emitters of electromagnetic radiations and emit as much as eight times more EMRs than a computer monitor. Place a Tri-Pak in the glove compartment of your car with the long edge pointing towards the electronics of the engine.

  • 18 Wheelers: Place a Flat Spiral under the driver's seat, clear side up.

  • Trains: Place a G-33 Resonator on the electric motor.

  • Airplanes: While traveling on an airplane, you are subjected to more x-rays than you get from a chest x-ray. It is a major jolt to your own electronic nervous system and a major cause of Jet Lag on trips. Place a Tri-Pak in your carry-on bag with the long edge pointing down. Place the carry-on bag in the overhead compartment or under your seat. Will protect you from the airplane radiation and from Jet Lag.

  • Electric Alarm Clocks: Sleeping next to an electric alarm clock is like sleeping next to a power line, that's how much EMFs the average alarm clock gives off. Place a 3-Hole resonator on the clock and sleep safely.


PLEASE NOTE: Biomagnetic Research, Inc. energy products are designed to protect your etheric energy field from potentially disruptive energies and give you a feeling of well being. The manufacturer makes no claims, expressed or implied, regarding the treatment of any illness or condition. Some doctors may recommend medical treatment involving the use of drugs or surgery for certain conditions. For legal reasons, as well as professional courtesy, we must recommend you follow your doctor's advice. These products are not a substitute for drugs or surgery, but affect the body on an entirely different basis.

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