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Diane Vanas BIO

A sense of wonder and creativity, along with respect for the gift of life -- motivates me in the adventure of learning to work with the body/mind connection, enhancing wellness through positive energy factors in living.

My well-being is enhanced by spiritual pursuits and friendships. I enjoy walking on the beach, hiking in the woods, and rock collecting.


Regularly setting aside time for personal Bible study and attending congregation meetings helps keep me balanced, builds faith and hope. I actively share Bible Truth in my ministry. The real hope for better health, long life, and permanent cures will come through the Kingdom promised in prophecy to bring peace and better conditions to earth. The original blueprint for humans will be restored by the Creator to allow the potential of living forever.

My Natural Health Story

My Father was diagnosed with last stage lung cancer (metastasized to the stomach) in 1992. I studied Macrobiotics and our family adopted that way of eating in an effort to save him. It gave him strength and dignity... only to die a year later after trying a few rounds of chemotherapy.

I was left with a desire for better answers...

My mother developed an "incurable" auto-immune illness in the year 1999. It was called Dermatomyositis. Her body destroyed her own muscles. Literally within one month she was in a wheelchair. We took her into our home and put her on a diet of healthy foods (macrobiotic) and low stress. We found a doctor who practiced Integrative Medicine and Ayurvedic herbs. She was given massage with Young Living essential oils. I took her to a Health Kinesiologist (energy work) and saw dramatic results. With the combination of everything, she got better and lived a full and happy life until her death at the age of 97 in 2022.

I knew I was going to become a Health Kinesiologist when I saw how beneficial it is in assisting the body to heal itself. I started taking Dr. Jimmy Scott's Health Kinesiology classes (with Teacher Melinda Ackerson) in 2000. I completed 6 HK modules, attended Craniosacral Therapy classes, and also have training in many holistic health modalities over the last 20 years. Even overcoming breast cancer myself without chemo, radiation, or surgery.

I continue to learn and do research since I am intrigued by the complexity of the human body and the brain. We are fragile creatures and yet we are very resilient. We can mend and heal when we are given what we need. Love is our greatest need. We need to learn to love and accept all parts of ourselves.

The mind is so powerful, it has escaped the brain and is in every cell of the body and in the energy field (the blueprint). Intelligence. It is said that we use only 1/10 of 1% of our brain. Tapping into the sub-conscious mind is really the key...

My Experience as a Practitioner

Energy work based on the Health Kinesiology System and incorporating everything else I have studied and learned that assists the body in a natural way. I have worked with clients since my first HK class in 2000. With energy work, I was able to assist my mother to completely overcome her autoimmune illness. I have had success in helping people with cancer, pain, psychological issues, weight, depression, career changes, allergies, and many other physical and emotional complaints.

My Services

Virtual office energy work services. My Health Kinesiology Practice incorporates teachings from Holistic modalities such as: The Emotion Code, The Body Code, T3 (Three-Dimensional Therapy) now known as The Belief Code, BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, Oils on Point. Click here

"Young Living Essential Oils are my strongest medicine." - Diane Vanas, Young Living Independent Distributor 379181

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