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Gary Young - Lavender Harvest

Watch Gary Young in this fascinating video of how lavender is harvested and distiled.

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The following is a transcript of "The Missing Link," a very informative and interesting talk on essential oils given by Dr. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils.


Welcome to Young Living Essential Oils and the world of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy may be a new term to many of you listening, but it is an ancient art and science which began it's re-entry into the modern world only a few years ago. With a biblical foundation and historical information from different cultures around the world, there is much that we have to learn and study.

We at Young Living are very excited to share this life changing information with those who are looking for new truth that might bring healing of different dimensions resulting in untold health, happiness and prosperity.

Young Living Essential Oils came into existence through Don Gary Young, a very unusual and visionary man who, through the most amazing circumstances, finds himself teaching seminars, formulating in his laboratory, plowing the fields on his tractor, designing and building equipment for the farm operations, training his horses to pull a plow, and running a multi-million dollar business.

He grew up in the mountains of central Idaho with no electricity or running water, where he and his brothers and sisters were taught by their parents how to live from the earth.

At age 24, a terrible accident left him paralyzed for life. Rejecting the medical diagnosis, he began his search for natural ways to heal his body. He studied the sciences of hematology, medicine, anesthesiology, acupuncture, pathology, nutrition, herbology and many other types of healing modalities. With great determination, 13 years later, he ran a half-marathon and finished 60th out of 970 participants.

After receiving a Master's in Nutrition and a Doctorate in Naturopathy, he opened a family practice in Chula Vista, California, and a research clinic in Mexico where he could do research in the areas of natural healing. His work in Mexico was of such magnitude that in 1985 he received the Humanitarian Award from the State Medical Examiner's Office of Baja California (one of only six ever awarded) for his research and successful treatment of degenerative disease. It was in this clinic where he was introduced to essential oils, which started him in the direction that he continues today.

In November of 1995 Gary was invited to speak at the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) International Congress on Essential Oils held in Eskeshehir, Turkey. He presented research that is being conducted on the Young Living Blends and Single oils at Weber State University and on organic farming and plant germination at the farm in Idaho. His work was received with tremendous enthusiasm and many who attended showed great interest in what we are doing as a means for improving their economics.

Gary loves the challenge of research and discovery, which has driven him deep into the history of early medicine and essential oils. He goes from the ruins of ancient Egypt to the archaeology archives of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem to the British Museum Library in London to his own laboratory and now, today, to the chemistry department at Weber State University to prove the validity of this ancient science. It is an exciting adventure for those who love the discovery of truth.

Gary Young is a man of great faith and belief in God, who loves his home and his family and whose greatest joy is being of service to his fellowmen and, perhaps in a small way, helping them to realize their dreams.

Gary is one of the foremost authorities on essential oils in North America.

So now, let's join Dr. Gary Young in one of his lectures and see what we can learn about this most fascinating subject.

Dr. Gary Young:

Essential Oils, just to give you a real simple analogy...if we were to take the plant and human body and put them side by side we could so some very interesting comparisons. You see, in the human body we have a substance called blood, and that blood has a very specific purpose. That purpose is to transport nutrients to the cells, to nurture and feed the cells. One of the primary agents in the blood that is responsible for the delivery of the nutrients through the cell walls is called oxygen. If we take the oxygen out of the blood what happens? We would die very quickly. The cells begin to mutate and give off a toxic gas that creates a host for disease, and today we live in an environment where we are deprived of oxygen because of the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Because of that we have set ourselves up to be victims, and it's quite obvious by what's going on in our world today. When we look at Essential Oils, they have the same role, and play the same function in the plant, as the blood does in the human body. The Essential Oil is the blood of the plant.

How many of you have cut your finger? What happens? You bleed. Why do you bleed? (Audience: to cleanse) Exactly, to cleanse and to kill the bacteria because you have to do that to start the regeneration process of the tissue. Okay, how many of you ladies have seen a leaf on one of your houseplants torn or damaged? What comes out? It's a liquid, isn't it? It's called the resin by some, some call it the blood of the plant. Some call it the life force of the plant but it's the same thing, it bleeds. It bleeds to cleanse that part where the plant is damaged, to kill the bacteria. You see, the Essential Oil is like the blood, it's a transporter system, and the primary ingredient inside that oil is called oxygen.

It has been discovered and determined now through research and the translation of the Papyrus and hieroglyphics in Egypt, that oils were the first medicine of man. Even before herbs were used, oils were extracted from the plant and used before the actual plant was used. As of 3 years ago, it was documented that Essential Oils produce the highest level of oxygenating molecules of ANY SUBSTANCE KNOWN TO MAN. So when we think about that, that we can get actual oxygen from the oil, it's quite exciting. Now not only can we get oxygen from the oils, but we also get negative ions and we get ozone. Are they important to us? (Audience: yes) Why? Can bacteria live in ozone? Can bacteria live in a negative ion environment? No. You know it's interesting when you look at what's going on in our world, because there's a big wave that has hit the United States called antioxidants. Right? Everyone's looking for antioxidants and antimicrobial substances to take.

We're just going to walk through some things real quickly and show you why Essential Oils are the missing link in our health field today and why everyone and every home needs to have them.

Let's look at what the human body is up against today. We look at what's causing the poisons that we're inhaling, the industrial contamination that's effecting our air. Look at the foods we're eating today, fried foods in grease that causes carcinogenic activity in the blood. Foods that are devaluated and therefore we get no enzymes from the foods that we're eating. The foods that are coming from the fields are sprayed with chemicals. The ground is saturated with chemicals and has been for over 50 years... and we wonder why we can't get good wholesome food today.

Not to mention the environmental contamination that's going into the aquifer, along with all of the contamination in the entire food chain that the human body is subject to. We absorb this not only through the food and the water but through the pores of our skin and the oxygen we breathe in through our lungs. These chemicals go down into the intestinal tract and cause a weakening of the membrane wall and they leach through into the liver and cause cell mutation. It changes the pH chemistry of the blood and all of a sudden we've got a problem. WE start creating a host for disease and then we wonder how can this possibly happen? So detoxification is extremely important today in our lives.

It's really interesting to know that Essential Oils, because of their structure, will literally push chemicals and metallic's out of the cells. How? Because they have the highest level of oxygenating activity of any substance known to man. Oxygen pushes toxins out and pulls potassium back into the cell. Essential Oils will re-establish normal cell function and balance.

Time Magazine, the September 12th issue, I'm sure most of you have seen it: "New Virus and Drug Resistant Bacteria are Reversing Human Victories over Infectious Diseases." How can this happen if we have a healthy body? Can we have infection if we are healthy? Can we have cancer if we're healthy? Can we have AIDS if we're healthy? No, of course not. So let's be realistic and look at it.

This was quite interesting because if we look down here at the bottom it says: "More than 850 people have come down with cholera in Southern Russia and officials fear that disease could erupt into an epidemic." While this article was being published and they were talking about 850 people in Russia, they never even made mention of the thousands of people they were digging holes, open pits, and burying in mass graves in South America from cholera. Did anyone see that on CNN? We need to start paying attention and waking up to what's going on around us.

Look at this: "Some microbes can reproduce in just 20 minutes." And this article goes on to talk about how the drug makers are fighting back, and yet how every time they produce a drug, the bacteria or the virus mutates and develops it's own immunity to the antibiotic. Now that's quite interesting because when you know these things are fact, and then when you come to understand oils, and realize that at this point in time, today, they have not found ONE virus, that can create an immunity against an Essential Oil.

Look here: "The question ceases to be when will disease be gone." This is interesting then we look at the statistics: "Respiratory infections bacterial and viral: 4 million deaths, diarrhea and diseases related, viral and bacteria: 3 million deaths" this is per year "Tuberculosis bacterial" now we have a new VIRAL tuberculosis, do we not? They don't even mention the viral tuberculosis here, just the bacterial "3 million. Hepatitis B virus: 3 million. Protozoa, malaria: 1 million. Measles, viral 880 thousand. Tetanus, 600 thousand. AIDS, viral 550 thousand." They don't even talk about cancer and heart disease. We're just talking about diseases related to virus and bacteria, yet they don't even list the new tuberculosis virus, or the new Hunta virus, the flesh eating virus, the streptococci A, the Ebola virus. You know, there's so much going on that we're not even aware of what's happening.

I think many of us also have a tendency to want to ignore it, we don't want to deal with the truth. Why? We don't know what to do about it, true or false? Okay, look here: "Where will the next deadly virus appear?" Then it goes on to talk about the agents, small pox, AIDS, hepatitis B. How many of you are familiar with the Ebola virus and the symptomatology of it? Are you aware of that that Ebola virus causes decomposing of the internal organs and the smooth muscle tissue inside the human body? And once a victim contracts the Ebola virus, 3-5 days and they're dead? Do you know what happened in Wanamingo Minnesota just last week? Where 8 people died from what they're calling the new streptococci virus that cause people to die in 3-5 days, their tissue and internal organs degenerated? It was the Ebola virus but they're saying it's the new streptococci A. An epidemic. This is interesting: "The price of doing nothing will be millions of lives." And it's happened before. Look here: "Killer flu 1918-1919, killed 20 million people." So we're not dealing with something that just popped into our world today. There have been viruses around since the beginning of time. Look at what happened during Moses' time. Look at the 16th century plague in England and Europe that claimed millions of lives. Why is it happening? Why do we have more of it today? Because we have a weaker immune system. How are we going to build it?

Okay, what are we going to do about these things? Look at this article here in the March issue of Readers Digest: "The invisible invaders. The question is no longer when will infectious disease be wiped out, rather it is where will the next new deadly plague appear." You need to read it because this article talks about how with every antibiotic that they have made, the viruses mutate, the bacteria's mutate and create their own immunity against the antibiotic.

We need to read these things so we're aware of what's going on, and be prepared. Let's look at some of the things that cause it. "Water suspected in illness. U.S. health official speculates that local water sickened hundreds of aids patients during the spring. Groups warn of risk of drinking water." "New TB a time bomb." This is USA today news cover story. We need to be aware. "Flu on tap. Milwaukee blames illness on tap water. Tainted water blamed for unlike illnesses," it just goes on wherever we look. "A contagious fascination with infections as lethal viruses make news the public ponders what if, the hot zone?" How many of you have seen the movie "The Outbreak?" Well that's not just a movie, that's a reality. "Ancient ills return with a vengeance." Viruses that they can't kill, they can't control.

Now I want to spend time showing you what's exciting. This comes right out of the Cairo University research department, Dr. Radwan S. Farag who is our colleague in research at Cairo. I worked with him for three years. "Safety evaluation of Thyme and Clove Essential Oils as natural antioxidants." If we're going to fight something let's fight with what God gave us to fight with. Look here: "antimicrobial activity of some Egyptian spice Essential Oils", hard copy research. We're not just here to talk about folklore medicine. "Antimicrobial action of Essential Oils. The antimicrobial action is probably the one property of Essential Oils that has been known for the longest time." Isn't that interesting? But do you know about it? Do you read about it? Do you get to hear about it in the U.S. of A? Of course not.

How many of you know someone who has diabetes? Let me show you what's going on at Cairo University with diabetes, they CURE it. Look here, this is just one of the simple studies that was conducted on diabetes. Blood glucose levels, this was control group with insulin right here. Then they used bitter fennel and it dropped it from over 275 to 200. Common dill oil, Below 200. Coriander brought it down to normal range. Simple Essential Oils. Yes, they're correcting diseases in many places in the world. Look what came off the Associated Press two months ago, very interesting, "Scientists examine role of food derivatives in preventing cancer." Is anyone interested in cancer prevention? Cancer regression? Well look at here: "Soybeans, lavender oil and orange peel" and we jump over here: "Cancer fighting powers of plant oils. Small quantities of lavender have been shown to work against breast cancer in lab animals." In animal studies these say we got both the prevention of cancer and the regression of cancer. How many would sooner have chemotherapy than a bottle of lavender oil?

Now this is something that's very exciting. We need oxygenation, antioxidants and increased frequency. What's a frequency? Is frequency important to us? Are our bodies electrical? Absolutely. And it's very interesting when we study this and see that not only is our body electrical but everything around us has an electrical frequency. But there's different types of frequencies and this is what's interesting. Because your lights overhead, they also have a frequency called 60 Hertz. Essential Oils have a frequency from 52 to 320 Hertz. But the difference between the oil frequency and your light frequency, television, telephone or microwave, your electrical AC frequencies are incoherent, chaotic frequencies. They fracture the human electrical field. Essential Oils have a coherent, harmonic DC frequency, so they're harmonious with the electrical field of the human body. So Essential Oils give us oxygen, antioxidants and frequency.

Now, I make food supplementation and was the first to create this type of formulation, the first to develop it in the world and that is using Essential Oils in the food supplements. Why? Because we found Essential Oils work as a transport mechanism in the food supplements. The reason we're starving to death nutritionally is because we're not assimilating the nutrients on the cellular level. Essential Oils have the ability because they're soluble with the lipids in the membrane to go through the cellular wall, and to carry with it nutrients that there's an association with. Because that's their purpose in the plant life, to transport nutrients through the cell wall and deliver it inside the plant. So when we took Essential Oils and put them inside the plant it was very exciting, because we got a delivery system.

Now I want to back up a bit and give you something to think about. Going back to the blood, the blood is the transporter of nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, hormones, enzymes. That's the pathway they travel to go to the cells. Then the cell wall has to be receptive to those nutrients and those health food ingredients. But when we have a deficiency in oxygen, the cell membrane literally will start to thicken because the pH changes, and when it thickens, then the oxygen that's present there, also being compromised because of lifestyles, is not able to get the nutrients through the wall, and so we wind up with the nutrients in the blood serum but we can't get it inside the cell, and so we wind up having the cell mutation, creating a host for viruses, bacteria's and germs. Now, if Essential Oils are responsible for the oxygenating molecules, they are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and immune-stimulating, (which I'm going to show you in a minute, hard copy from the medical research), and they have the ability to transport nutrients, that they are the life force of the plant, what do you suppose happens to that oil when we cut the plant and dehydrate it? We evaporate 98% of that live substance that's responsible for the healing force of that plant.

As I look through the audience I see quite a few people here that are probably old enough to remember the days when they used to gather herbs fresh in the pasture or field or out on the hill, and come home and make up their poultices and their teas and their extracts, and it worked. So you tell your children about it and when your children get sick they go down to the health food store and buy a bottle of that same herb in a capsule form, take it home, take six bottles of it and nothing happens. And we wonder why? It is because modern man has taken the life force out of the herbs by dehydration.

So when I discovered that, or learned about that, that's when I started spraying the oils back into the powdered herb and it brought back the bio-availability of the nutrients that weren't there before or available to us before, because the catalyst agent had been evaporated out of them. So we were the first to put Essential Oils back into the plant, and re-establish that activity.

If we want to cleanse our body, we want regeneration and we want immunity, then we've got to start working on self inside out, and outside in. It's really beautiful because we can create that simply by putting oils on the body.

Now look at lemon oil. Lemon oil is pressed from the rind or the peeling. Now this is taken right out of my French medical encyclopedia, this is hard copy research, this is not my work and of course you can see that it's in French, Latin, and so what we're looking at here where it says "active principles" these are the constituents or the chemical ingredients found inside of lemon oil that are identifiable. Many have not been identified yet. We look right here, there's one agent here called sesquiterpenes. I'm going to talk a little bit about it as I go along. Sesquiterpenes. The reason that's important is because they just found in 1994 at the Medical University of Berlin, Germany and Vienna Austria that sesquiterpenes go beyond the blood-brain barrier. Now, I don't know how important that is to anyone, but I'll fill you in.

It was stated by the Medical Association, October of 1993, that if we: "could find an agent that would go beyond the blood-brain barrier, we could treat MS, Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's and Alzheimer's successfully. June 1994 it was documented that the agent of sesquiterpenes has the ability to go beyond the blood-brain barrier and was discovered in high levels in frankincense and sandalwood oils. I attended a 3 day medical conference in Grasse France September 5th, 6th and 7th of 1994. I saw this research presented, and I saw the brain scan slices of before and after the inhalation of frankincense and sandalwood and how it increased the oxygen production in the limbic system, particularly around the pineal and pituitary glands, and increased the secretion of antibodies, endorphins and neurotransmitters. Documented hard copy from Berlin and Vienna Austria.

Let's look at lemon oil: "Anti-infectious, antibacterial, streptococci bacterial, antiseptic bacterial, antiviral" this is how the doctors prescribe lemon oil to be used in the hospitals in Europe. There are 150 hospitals in England alone now prescribing and using Essential Oils for treatment. "Respiratory infections, liver insufficiency in children, digestion insufficiency, insomnia, phlebitis, thrombosis" and they use it as a disinfectant in the air and the cabinetry and medical cabinets and in hospitals throughout Europe. And what do we use in America to disinfect with? Drugs.

Lavender, this is another beautiful oil. Now I showed you from the Associated Press about lavender, did I not? Look at this one here, this is lavender again, and look at the profile that we see, and there's sesquiterpones, okay? Now not only are sesquiterpenes and terpones able to go beyond the blood-brain barrier but they also have been found along with phenols and cineols to contain the highest level of oxygenating molecules of all of the constituents in the oil. Lets look at what they say lavender will do. This is out of Paris France, incidentally. We have: "Antispasmodic, decongestant, muscle decontraction, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, staph, cardiotonic, anticoagulant of fluids." And of course they prescribe it for the spasms in the solar plexus, insomnia, dermatosis, infections, allergies.

How many of you have taken allergy shots in your life? Isn't that bizarre, to know that lavender is used for allergies, in fact what was discovered two years ago is that you take lavender oil, and incidentally it has to be pure lavender oil, this doesn't mean you can just run down to the health food store and buy any old lavender oil that's sold on the market because you see, in America people don't understand Essential Oils, but what they do understand is marketing. They know how to buy the garbage that's rejected from France, and bring it to the United States and cut it with propylene glycol, and synthetic constituents like linalyl acetate, and put it in a bottle and sell it as Essential Oil of lavender, and if you don't know the difference, you're just a victim. So if you go down to a health food store and you see a half ounce of lavender oil on the shelf for $5-$8 a half ounce, you KNOW that you're getting garbage, because pure lavender oil, you can't buy it in France for that price. So those are things that are very important.

Just to give you an understanding, there are four hybrids of lavenders, but they're called lavandins. They're not therapeutic for aromatherapy use, but that's what's sold in the United States predominantly, because people here don't know the difference. Our lavender we produce in France, because we have our own farm in France and we have our own farm out in Idaho. We do our own growing in order to produce top quality. You have to distill this plant and that's how the oil is extracted, through steam distillation. It has to be at low pressure, low temperature, and lavender has to be in the chamber for a minimum of one and a half hours, better two hours. But the commercial distilling in Europe for the perfume industry distill lavender oil in fifteen minutes at 400 degrees and up to 150 pounds of pressure, and they pump chemicals into the water while they're doing it. So these are things that are very important for you to know. It's not just a matter of running out to a health food store and buying oils because the people who are marketing oils predominantly are in it for the money, they don't care about the purity and they haven't taken the time to study.

I've spent 11 years in Europe, Israel and Egypt studying the history and working in the Universities. My studies have been in the Medical University of Geneva Switzerland. I started in 1984. The University of Paris. I have worked in two hospitals in Paris. I've studied in the Warwick University, the London University, the University of Cairo where I've spent 3 years working, studying and traveling. The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It's been an incredible study. I've spent 5 years off and on in Southern France learning the ancient art of distillation so we can maintain that purity.

Now let me share with you some of the things that just came out of the Warwick University that I brought back last year on lavender oil. This is really exciting. Lavender, a native of the Mediterranean region, France is a major producer. Now Idaho is going to take over. "A fragrance component of pharmaceuticals, antiseptic ointments, creams, lotions, cosmetics, including soaps, detergents, creams, lotions and perfumes. Lavender waters and colognes. However, lavender now is starting to be widely used in aromatherapy for the treatment of burns, scalds, inflammation, wounds, ulcers, eczema, dermatitis, fainting, headaches, migraines, influenza, insomnia, hysteria, tension, infection, asthma, rheumatism, and arthritis." Now when you can get a bottle of lavender oil for $15, who would want to have aspirin?

This is interesting, these are just the constituents responsible for all that activity in Lavender oil. This is just a small portion. It's interesting to see when we look at the linalyl acetate level right here, we're at a 41. That's a relatively good quality oil. The lavender oil we're producing at the farm in Idaho has a linalyl acetate level of 67. The highest quality produced in the world. Look at here, "Toxicity: subcutaneous injection showed low toxicity, no human phototoxicity reported." So it's totally safe, and that's the beautiful part of Essential Oils. You don't have to be concerned about having side effects from pure oils. Cut, adulterated, synthetic... absolutely, but not pure, not the way God intended it to be.

Why is it valuable? How do we get oils quickly into the system? Through the olfactory nerve, to the pineal, pituitary, amygdala. When you breathe an oil into the system, and through the nasal cavity, it is first picked up by the neurons that hang down from the olfactory, right between the eyes at the top of the sinus cavity. Those oil molecules are carried within milliseconds into the center of the brain. Now they have found that through the inhalation of Essential Oils into the mid-brain system, they will cause a secretion of antibodies instantly, endorphins and neurotransmitters. Now we're seeing a direct response on the immune system from the inhalation, and topical application of Essential Oils like none other that has ever been created.

So diffusing puts the oils into the atmosphere in your home. You're getting increased oxygen because it releases the oxygenating molecules, you're getting increased ozone and negative ions because that's where it comes from in nature, from the plant oils. You're getting the antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, germicidal properties and the immune-stimulating. You're inhaling this. In fact I just got a copy, a hard copy in on the internet just last week from Alester University in Northern Ireland where they did a study of diffusing, vaporizing Essential Oils into an atmosphere with 210 colonies of bacteria, and it killed all 210. So it makes the most perfect air purification system that has ever been invented, or rediscovered, and we can't afford to be without it.

How do we know these things happen and how do they work? By simply studying the properties in the oil. This is Thyme Vulgaris, this is a chromatogram. Everybody knows what Camphor is, right? It's soothing, it's penetrating to the tissues. Camphor is synthetically made from the active ingredient called camphine. So when we look at this oil, which is Thyme oil, we know that it's going to have a very powerful effect in penetrating. We look at the pinenes, the germicidal, we look at the cineols here, they're antibacterial and antiviral. We look at the terpenines, they're antiviral in action. So when we take an Essential Oil in the laboratory and analyze it, we know instantly the value it has. Depending upon the percentage of activity, it will tell us whether it's a pure oil or whether there's been something done with it. So the science is incredible.

This is Clary sage that we grew at our farm this past summer in Idaho. The highest linalyl activity of any Clary sage, 72. Most Clary sage ranges around 57. Down here you have sclerol a transoxide to sclerol. That is what converts to estriol in the human body which produces natural estrogen. So how many of you ladies are taking some synthetic hormone? You got it right here in your plants.

When God created this world he created everything naturally for us, and he gave us every substance we will ever need to protect our bodies from all the things that we have to deal with. Just like he gave to the Israelites. Yes, they were faced with a plague, and if you saw the movie "The Ten Commandments" it depicted it as an avenging angel, a green fog that floated through the city. It was a plague. Scientists and researchers of Egypt say it was nothing different than the AIDS we have today. They're convinced of that. So what did Moses do to protect the children of Israel from that plague? He used Hyssop oil in the lamb's blood. You can read about in Exodus, chapter 12. You can also go to Exodus chapter 30 verses 21-27 and read about the formula, the oil formula that the Lord gave to Moses to give the children of Israel to protect them against the ravages of the diseases and the plague. We're talking about a substance that's been around since the beginning of time with a biblical foundation, and man has ignored it. It has been lost and forgotten.

Not until 1921 did it start to come back into our time, from an old gentleman, Dr. René-Maurice Gattefossé. He was a French cosmetic chemist working in his lab one day when there was an explosion, and received a third degree thermal burn on his hand, wrist and forearm. Knowing he needed to reduce the temperature, he reached over where one of his colleagues had just set a container with liquid in it, thought it was water, plunged his hand into it, and it was lavender oil. And it healed his burn without a trace of a scar. That man was so excited that being a chemist, he took the lavender apart to understand and find out how it healed his burn without a scar. From there he gave the research to Dr. John Valnet who was a medical doctor in Paris France. Valnet did nothing with it until the post war years of World War II when he was working with war victims from shrapnel wounds and losing them to gangrene because the antibiotics wouldn't work. Dr. Gattefossé sent him some oils and said "try the oils." He started using the oils and he saved every single patient. That was the restoration of aromatherapy as it's called today. 1946. That's how new it is, yet the studies never really started until 1967. It is the most exciting thing that we have.

Now this is just a little bit about Essential Oils' frequency. We were the first to discover Essential Oils literally contain an electrical frequency. We did a study of over 200 subjects at the Eastern State University in Cheney Washington. We found that the average body frequency range is 62-68. The brain frequencies are 10 hertz higher than the body during the day and then it reverses during the night and the brain frequencies are 10 hertz lower, body frequencies are 10 hertz higher.

We took two young men who had a 66 hertz frequency, one held coffee, his frequency dropped to 58 in 3 seconds. The other one drank it. His frequency dropped to 52 in 3 seconds. The young man that drank the coffee, we didn't let him have any oils, it took 3 days for it to go back up. The young man that just held the coffee, we let him breathe the Essential Oil of RC, his frequency went up in 21 seconds. We found that disease begins at 58 hertz frequency. Flu starts at 57. Candida 55. Epstein Barr at 52 and Cancer at 42. What this tells us is that when we do things in our lives that compromise our frequency in the human body, we can become a victim. Essential Oils re-establish a normal frequency in the human cells, documented at the Eastern State University.

Another thing that's really exciting is regeneration. How can you regenerate something if you can't stimulate circulation and activity? This comes right out of Dr. Richard Restick's work, top leading neurologist of the United States, Washington DC. This man helped me to discover that the oils were electrical. How? Because we discovered that hearing could be restored with the oil of Helicrysum. Not only from loss of hearing but from deafness, BORN deafness. Three people now have total restoration. I went to him to ask how, he said the oils are electrical. They stimulate the firing in the axon. They increase the neurotransmitter that converts in the axon to electron, it fires across the synaptic gap right here. He said in a birth defect, the nerves didn't connect. He said that the oils will literally increase the firing of that synapses, and it will jump across the gap and connect to that nerve that did not connect. Once it starts firing it will start growing together until it hardwires. So Essential Oils have the ability to stimulate the regeneration of damaged nerve tissue. Helicrysum.

How do we use oils? Diffusing in the air, through the feet. Many of you here are probably Reflexologists and are certainly working with the feet. Start working with oils through the feet.

How many of you have experienced pain and suffered with pain for days and days and days and couldn't get rid of it? You've taken pain medication, Tylenol, morphine and whatever to kill pain? How would you feel if you knew that if you broke a bone and you can take a single oil and rub it on that broken spot and stop the pain within 3-6 seconds? You can do it with Essential Oils. There's a formula that I made called PanAway. It has two oils in it that are responsible greatly for that, one is helichrysum and the other is birch. Birch oil, like spruce oil contains methyl salicylate. It works like cortisone on the tissue and it's a topical anesthesia. Helichrysum is a topical anesthesia. It's beautiful. So I made a formula called PanAway for that purpose.

Another way to work with oils is through the ears, auricular. How many people here have emotions? Is there anyone that has no emotional problems at all? Do you know that the ancient Egyptians used oils to do what they call cleansing of the flesh and the blood. Removing the evil deities from the mind. Because they believed if they didn't remove the evil deities from the mind, which we call negative emotions, they couldn't come back into the body they left in the tomb.

I was allowed March last year, one year ago, to go into a secret chamber where this ritual was performed, and I was allowed to photograph the walls. We started translating the hieroglyphics that told about this ritual, it was a 3 day ritual, and they used oils to take the people through it and totally eradicate the negative memory and memory trauma from the people. I've started teaching and working with people with oils for eradicating emotions and emotional trauma, it is life changing. Working through the ears. In fact we have a little oil blend called Hope. If you ever feel depressed, manic depressant, or suicidal, a couple of drops and rubbed right there and it'll take it away in just a matter of seconds.

Another beautiful area to work through is through the spine. Just massaging the oils up and down the spine, getting it into the nerve meridians, to get into the organs and glands in the body. It's absolutely incredible. We had a gal in Denver Colorado yesterday, I had a seminar there and we had over 150 people in the seminar. She had a great big large knot on her spine. We just rubbed simple oils of spruce and birch and frankincense on it and it dissolved HALF in 20 minutes. And 150 people gathered around and watched.

Okay, lets show you what's going on in the antiviral activity. We have a little kit called the "Essential 7". It has lavender, peppermint and lemon oils in it plus 4 blends, because I formulate blends. One of the blends in there is PanAway that I just mentioned. Another one is called "Peace & Calming." I made that for people who are hyperactive like children. I made it also for hyperactive parents who have hyperactive children. I made another one called Purification to kill airborne bacteria in the home, odors, mold, fungus. It's incredible. In that packet is also one called "Joy." This has rose oil in it, the highest of the frequencies, 320 hertz. It has Ylang Ylang in it which balances the male/female energies. It also is a powerful support to the heart, for tachycardia and arrhythmia.

Another oil blend that I just made recently is called Immupower. Because of these new viruses and our immune system weakening I knew that we had to have something to help support that system. So I went to work studying, and I put this formula together. These oils that I'm going to present now, are in that formula.

This is Ravensara Aromatica. It's a plant that's a combination of clove and nutmeg which grows in Madagascar. Of course you see the sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes stimulate the immune system. Look at here "anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial" and it's indicated for aminopharyngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, viral hepatitis, viruses of the intestinal, cholera, herpes 1 and 2, infectious mononucleosis, insomnia, muscular fatigue." That's one of the oils in Immupower.

Here's another one, this one you ladies probably have in your kitchen called oregano. You know, you need to quit cooking with it, and start juicing it and snorting it, okay (laughter). Look at here, "phenols," the number one constituent that's responsible for the oxygenating activity of oils, "anti-infectious, large spectrum of action against bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites, immune-stimulant."

This one you'll like, frankincense, it's talked about in the bible, the holy anointing oil, it's mentioned 52 times in the bible. Okay, "sesquiterpenes" again, go beyond the blood brain barrier. Look at here "anticatarrhal, expectorant, antitumoral, immune-stimulant, antidepressant, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, ulcers, cancer, immune-deficiencies and nervous depression."

I got involved with a doctor in Scottsdale Arizona, Dr. Terry Friedman, a medical doctor. I asked him if he would like to do some research and work with the oils to see what he could create, and he said "I would love to." As of this day, one year from the time we started he now has 9 cancer patients out of 9 in remission from prostate and lymphoma and Hodgkin's. That's documented by the way.

Hyssop oil, the oil that Moses used. Look at here, "anticatarrhal, mucolytic, decongestant, anti-inflammatory of the pulmonary, regulator of the metabolism and lipids, anti-infectious, large spectrum staphylococci, pneumonia, parasites. Prescribed for rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, cystitis, post-infections, sclerosis, plaque, ovarian problems." It just goes on and on and on.

Mountain savory. Look at here, "anti-infectious, major activity as an antibacterial agent, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, immuno-stimulating," and here they use if for "candida, cystitis, prostatitis and right on through arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis." That was mountain savory. All of these oils are found in the formula called Immupower.

This is cistus oil commonly called rock rose. Beautiful oil. Same thing, here we see the phenols again, okay, "anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, regulator of neuro-vegative degeneration of the nervous system, auto-immune." Also for arthritis, rheumatism, plaque and other things but primarily for viruses of the auto-immune system. What is AIDS?

Okay, we had a beautiful situation in Pottstown Pennsylvania just a couple of weeks ago. A nurse at one of the seminars said, "Dr. Young can I share a story with you?" and I said, "yes." She said, "one of the doctors I work for has a patient that has lupus. She's had it for a number of years and as she is getting older the lupus has just been progressively getting worse and worse and worse. She was in the hospital for tests and change of medication and my doctor told her there was nothing that could be done. He said just to get her affairs in order." She said, "I felt so bad that when she started to leave I just walked her out and I gave her my bottle of Immupower. I said, why don't you take this home and just rub it on and see if it'll make you feel a little better and help you a little bit." She said, "some of the oils here have been found to help support the immune system." The lady took it home. Three days later she called the nurse back and said, "what did you give me?" The nurse said, "why?" She said, "I'm feeling better. My strength is coming up, my energy is coming up." Five days after that, which was a total of 8 days, she returned to the doctor for a checkup. He could not find one symptom, not one trace of lupus.

God knew we were going to have these diseases. He knew what we were going to deal with. Do you think he put us down here to be victims? Absolutely not. He gave us everything we need to take care of the human body.

This is clove oil by the way, and look at here, "anti-infection, antibacterial, large spectrum of action against gram positive and negative, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, antiseptic and a general stimulant. Antitumoral, dental infections, viral hepatitis, colitis, cystitis, viruses of the nerves." What is MS? Look at here, "cancer, Hodgkin's." That was clove oil, simple clove oil. I mean it is so incredible to see what can be done and what can be created. So I have made a major focus on creating formulas to support the immune system.

It's been really a pleasure to be here and share with you what I call the missing link, and what I also find to be the most exciting thing, that has been rediscovered in the world, and that's the world of Essential Oils, how we can use them in our food products, in our food supplements, and create a beautiful opportunity to build the immune system and not become a victim. Let's be thankful for what we have, let's always have thanks in our hearts for all that we have. Let's live with that and keep a smile on our face, and joy in our heart. Let's share with the world the blessings God gave us a long time ago. Thank you for coming and participating.

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