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 "I am safe and secure in my world."

Overweight has always meant protection.

When you feel insecure, or frightened,

you pad yourself with protection.

Most of you spend your time being angry at yourselves for being fat and have guilt over food.

Weight has nothing to do with the food.

There is something going on in your life that is making you feel insecure. You can fight fat for twenty years and still be fat because you have not dealt with the cause.

If you are overweight, put the weight issue aside and work on the other issue first— the pattern that says: “I need protection.” “I’m insecure.”

Don’t get angry when the weight goes on, because our cells respond to our mental patterns. When the need for the protection is gone, or when we start feeling secure, the fat will melt off by itself. 

Begin to say:

“I used to have a problem with weight.”

You will begin to shift the pattern.

What you choose to think today will start creating

your new future tomorrow.

~Louise L. Hay

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